• ALA Notable Children's Book
• Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award
• 2015 Booksource Scout Award
• NCTE Notable Poetry List Book


“Wardlaw's humorous poems are further enhanced by Yelchin's delightful, expressionistic graphite and gouache illustrations. Young readers who fell in love with Won Ton in Wardlaw and Yelchin's first book, Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku (2011), will enthusiastically welcome this new adventure, and those not yet familiar with the earlier book will likely seek it out.”


“Wardlaw's fine feline phrasing in the haiku-related senryu form of Japanese poetry again pairs neatly with Yelchin’s watercolor-and-pencil illustrations. Both capture the canine and the feline in this fresh take on the “new puppy in a cat’s house” tale. A satisfying companion to Won Ton’s eponymous first outing (2011).”

—Kirkus Review

“Yelchin’s graphite and gouache illustrations depict with sensitivity and humor the sleek gray cat’s initial fear and horror alongside the roly-poly brown puppy. Pastel backgrounds cleverly incorporating shadow and light allow the funny poses and expressions of the pair to shine.”

—Horn Book

“Yelchin’s graphite-lined gouache art craftily echoes the verse, with a restrained spareness of style in the figures delicately partnering with comic touches such as the puppy’s exaggeratedly adoring gaze and the cat’s envious sulking."

—Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“Kids will love the irresistible story of a conflicted cat and a clueless pup as they scuffle, scrap, and finally snuggle and snore together. The versatility of the haiku and the charming illustrations add to this soon-to-be family favorite.”

—KIWI Magazine

“Eugene Yelchin’s illustrations mark many moods, providing opportunities for a child to recognize the characteristic signals of sibling rivalry.”

—The News & Observer

“Eugene Yelchin uses graphite and gouache to give personality to (Won Ton and Chopstick) and to add a touch of light and a good deal of energy to this winning newest collaboration.”

—Sal’s Fiction Addiction

"The illustrations are vivid and engaging and the cadence of the story bounds and leaps through the pages just like the pets do."

—Book Wars

"Eugene Yelchin has a discerning eye for pairing background colors together creating an enjoyable sequence and extending the text. His lines used for Won Ton and the puppy capture the essence of cat and dog. Sometimes only a portion of one or the other is needed to convey their presence. The body postures and eyes for both Won Ton and Chopstick speak clearly about their personalities."

—Librarian’s Quest

"Eugene Yelchin‘s illustrations are gorgeous and expressive and greatly enhance the story."

—Bermuda Onion

"Full color spreads by Eugene Yelchin fill the page with great scenes that enhance the story."

—Teacher Dance

“Like their fabulous four-pawed pair, author Lee Wardlaw and artist Eugene Yelchin are quite the dynamic duo themselves. Wardlaw’s sparse haiku blends warmth, humor, poignancy, while Yelchin literally adds the wide-eyed wonder to create a doubly captivating tale of acceptance and welcome.”

—Book Dragon