starred reviewSTARRED REVIEW

“Yelchin expertly deploys subtle hints about Shubin’s ties to Jake’s family, foreshadowing the impending reveal. Steeped in the paranoia and propaganda of the era, the noir tale draws parallels to the current political and social climate, nationalistic prejudices, and media-disseminated misinformation. Black-and-white pixelated images, like a trench coat–clad man’s reflection in a shined shoe, add to the sense of time and place while challenging readers to question both their validity and Jake’s suspicion of Mr. Shubin. Well-plotted and -paced, Yelchin’s thriller will be a favorite among readers who have an interest in history and intrigue."

—Publishers Weekly

starred reviewSTARRED REVIEW

“Having set readers up for a salutary but hardly unique tale about prejudice, misplaced suspicion, and the McCarthy era, Yelchin briskly proceeds to pull the rug out from under them by pitching his confused, impulsive protagonist into an escalating whirl of chases, crashes, threats, assaults, abductions, blazing gunplay, spies, and counterspies—along with revelations that hardly anyone, even Jake's mom, is what they seem. The author includes a number of his own blurred, processed, black-and-white photos that effectively underscore both the time's fearful climate and the vertiginous quality of Jake's experience. The book assumes a white default. An imagined adventure turned nightmarishly real leads to exciting, life-changing results."

—Kirkus Reviews